Howco Quality Alloys (HQA)

Howco Quality Alloys is an established centre of excellence for the manufacture and supply of High Integrity alloy products to the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries worldwide.

The design and production of nickel alloy components demands detailed procedures throughout. Starting with the initial design concept and manufacturing plan through to forging, heat treatment, mechanical testing and machining, Howco is able to meet the most demanding requirements and timescales.

By introducing new concepts within its processing, Howco Quality Alloys has also demonstrated the ability to design out many of the more traditional problems that used to be associated with high integrity parts.

Howco Quality Alloys provides outstanding service, experience and industry expertise for all forged, semi-finished and engineered products across the full range of Nickel Alloy products.

Material Grades

  • Nickel Alloys
  • Super Stainless and Stainless Steels
  • Super Duplex and Duplex

Product Groups

  • Stock Bar
  • Open Die Forgings
  • Bored / Honed Bar

Howco Quality Alloy’s core competences:-
Forged, Machined, Heat Treated, Tested and certified components supplied to near nett shape / semi-finished / finished complemented by a full certification package

  • Valve Internals
  • Bonnets
  • Bodies
  • Tubing Hangers
  • Wing Blocks