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Supplying nickel, stainless and low alloy steels for over 40 years

Established in Scotland in 1982, Howco has expanded worldwide, serving industries with the most demanding expectations, in the most challenging geographical and climatic conditions imaginable.

Whether it is supplying an oil drilling platform in the North Sea, a gas installation in the Arctic Circle or a wind farm in Norway, our clients expect – and get – world class products, underpinned by world class relentless support.

Here to do the extraordinary

Our clients operate at the extremes of what would be considered normal conditions. Their needs are frequently complex, often unique and usually critical. Not least because the oil and gas industry is part of the infrastructure of modern life.

In response, Howco has more than 650 colleagues dedicated to serving these needs, in nine locations, with purpose built facilities in six countries.

We supply raw materials, then finish, store or deliver them ready for use. Whenever, wherever.

Pride in the past,
Excitement for the future

The energy sector is still in the midst of a period of unprecedented change.

A combination of the climate crisis, the knock-on effects of the pandemic and recent geopolitical upheaval has forced transformational change at high speed.

As the sector has responded and adapted, Howco has also stepped up to the challenge. In recent months we have become a leaner, more focused operation.

We’ve also invested in new technologies such as additive manufacturing and blockchain. By embracing innovation, we intend to not only offer more to our customers but also reimagine their experience of dealing with us.

Far and away the most convenient locations

Our customers are distributed in diverse locations, so it is a strategic priority to base our manufacturing and logistics locations in relatively close proximity. This not only means we can respond to clients more quickly and efficiently, it makes economic and environmental sense.

Accredited comprehensively, globally

Howco meets and frequently exceeds the highest industry standards set locally, regionally and internationally.

Our technical capabilities, our quality assurance, our safety procedures, our testing regimes…all are certificated.