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Howco is Proud to Sponsor Glasgow University UGRacing

Howco is Proud to Sponsor Glasgow University UGRacing

Howco is proud to sponsor Glasgow University UGRacing and is providing machined components for the team.


The team designs the car from the ground up, taking the project from the initial concept to a fully modelled, 3D representation of our car. As engineers we utilise many different types of software, allowing us to carry out important calculations and run simulations from Laptime Simulators to Finite Element Analysis resulting in a well engineered solution.


Manufacturing commences once design is finalised, and is carried out by both the team, and our sponsors depending on the components. Once all components are accounted for, we start assembly, putting in long hours to put the car together and get it running. Testing follows and always results in small tweaks to improve performance and handling.


Each summer, we travel down to Silverstone to compete in Formula Student, against 200~ other universities from around the world. The competition consists of not just racing. Dynamic events include Acceleration, Skidpad, Sprint and Endurance, whilst the team must also complete in Static events such as Business, Cost and Design presentations.


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