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Howco joined HyperSciences bid to win the American Made Geothermal Manufacturing Prize

Howco has been invited to join the HyperSciences’ team to help develop Additive Manufactured (AM) components for their exciting new game changing technology. HyperSciences is using the power of extreme velocity to radically create better solutions for clean energy drilling, tunneling, mining, and aerospace.

Howco will be utilizing the latest SLM® 500 technology at its brand-new AM Facility at its Houston location to provide printed components that will be at the heart of HyperSciences’ game changing technology.
Conrad Kao, Director of Additive Manufacturing comments as follows:

As the first quad-laser system on the market, the SLM® 500 serves as the flagship additive manufacturing system for high volume metal additive manufacturing to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. Likewise, the integrated SLM® Build Processor and open software architecture offer the freedom of controlling system parameters to optimize and meet strict production needs. The SLM® 500 features a 500 x 280 x 365 mm build chamber and four overlapping lasers with a total power rating of 1600Watts. Quad laser optics can increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations.

Below is a link to three video sessions focusing on the Geothermal Manufacturing Prize in the Dept. of Energy's American-Made Challenges program. These virtual sessions were hosted as a part of the Nation of Makers’ annual conference, NOMCON.

About Howco:

Howco's worldwide investment in raw materials, manufacturing and processing facilities enables us to provide an outstanding and cost-effective solution to metals and components supply close to your manufacturing site no matter what regional location.

Howco has significant experience and capability providing ingot/billet, forged and rolled round and flat bar, semi and finish machined components, and complete turnkey assembled packages.

Our expertise provides a comprehensive and reliable supply chain partnership. This enables us to respond rapidly on a world-wide basis to our customers’ requirements for both material and product solutions.

Additive Manufacturing is our most recent investment, bringing the latest manufacturing expertise to our customers.
We provide competitive advantage.



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Conrad Kao Director of AM This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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