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Howco transition ISO 9001 approval to Lloyd’s Register Netherlands

Howco supply meeting European Union Pressure Equipment  Directive requirements for raw material is now ensured through this change and Howco would thank Lloyds Register for the simplicity of the transition.

In addition to taking this action internally Howco has also been working with all our suppliers to ensure they review their PED certification and take action if needed should a no deal Brexit look imminent. This affects all material suppliers not just those located in the UK.

Explaining the background to the change Charles McLaren Howco Cumbernauld QA Manager advised that the PED expects  a material supplier to have an ISO 9001 QMS approved by an organisation  within Europe, and when UK exits it will no longer be in Europe.  The UK has several headquartered organisations that ensure PED compliance both in the UK and abroad and it is those approvals that need reviewed.  

No one expects any issues should the UK exit with a deal, but unlike March the administrative  process to transition needed to commence before the current extension was agreed.  

Given we have now implemented the change Howco customers can now close out this Brexit management of change action with respect to Howco supply.

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