Renewable processes being used for power generation are attracting growing interest as they offer genuinely renewable energy sources. In onshore wind power nickel alloys are used mainly in the gearing and generator components.
Offshore, given the corrosive marine environment, there are many more opportunities for stainless steels. Tidal power and emerging wave power systems face similar marine corrosion and fouling environments.

Geothermal energy is being seen as a long term stable energy resource. Howco is working with Operators and OEM equipment designers to provide alloys and finished components that enable long distance drilling at elevated temperatures and pressures in extreme abrasive conditions.

Hydroelectric installations use turbines to harness the energy of the water. These use nickel-containing alloys for both erosion and corrosion resistance to ensure the longevity of the plant.
Howco provides corrosion resistant and high temperature, high strength ;alloys for the Renewable power generation sector.

Our Nickel, Stainless Steel and Low alloys are suitable for use in:-

  • Land based gas turbines converting to Hydrogen
  • Wind turbine components
  • Geothermal drilling and power generation equipment
  • Hydroelectric turbine components

We also provide semi and finish machined components and can provide cladding, pressure testing, assembly and fabrication services.