Mechanical Tubing & OCTG

Mechanical Tubing & OCTG

Meeting the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry's demand for Mechanical tubing and Oil Country Tubular goods remains crucial to meeting the world's growing energy demands.

With its global reach, resources and expertise, Howco is able to provide the specialist alloy, duplex and super duplex tubing for chemical processing, wellhead, downhole and completion applications within the wide range of challenging environments where energy is extracted.

Primarily manufactured in:

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Edmonton, Canada
  • Houston, Texas
  • Sheffield, England
  • Singapore

UNS S41425 : S41426 : S41427 General scope The proprietory "Super 13 Cr" duplex steels developed by Foroni, Sumitomo and Corus offer enhanced mechanical properties allied to higher corrosion resistance…
Trade Name Inconel Alloy G3 (1) General scope This is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy with additions of molybdenum and copper. Some of the minor elements are controlled to yield increased resistance…
UNS TP304 (TP304L) : UNS TP316 (TP316L) : ASTM A312 (VO1.01) General scope Both austenitic stainless steel from the 300 series 18/8 family. With the additional Molybdenum in 316 giving…
ASTM A519 (VO1.01) General scope Stocked through a wide range of sizes, in either mechanical tube, casing or DOM (drawn over mandrel) product forms. These grades of low alloy steel…
UNS S50400 : ASTM A213 (VO1.01) General scope A martensitic steel containing 9% Chromium and 1% Molybdenum is most commonly used in the hardened and tempered condition. Though often referred…
General scope This is a martensitic stainless steel used in the hardened and tempered condition. Available in tubular form either as mechanical tube or casing tube The manufacturing standards of…
UNS S41426 : UNS S41427 General scope Both grades developed from the standard 13Cr and 420 Modified grades offer enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The low carbon improves weldability…
UNS S31803 : Duplex : ASTM A789 (VO1.01) (F51) UNS S32760 : Super Duplex : ASTM A789 (VO1.01) (F55) Trade Name Zeron 100 (5), Zeron 25 (5) General scope Both…
UNS N08825 : ASTM B423 (VO2.04) UNS N080287 : ASTM B668 (VO2.04) Trade Name Incoloy 825 (1), Sanicro 28 (6) General scope These nickel chromium alloys combine excellent corrosion resistance…
UNS N09925 Trade Name Incoloy 925 (1) General scope This is an age-hardenable Nickel based alloy containing Iron and Chromium as major additions, and also additions of Molybdenum, Copper, Titanium…

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