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Howco has invested in manufacturing and processing facilities on a global scale for many years, and confidently provide the entire spectrum of services from raw materials to finished parts.

Our thorough understanding of both materials and their properties, combined with forty years experience of the demanding sectors we serve, ensures that everything we contribute is fit for purpose.


As one of the world’s largest independent suppliers and processors of Nickel, Stainless and Low Alloy Steel to the oil, gas, energy and chemical industries, we have worked closely with our customers to develop alloy specifications, and heat-treating programs to satisfy their specific needs. On a global scale we manage direct relationships with mills, which gives us a unique perspective on the total volume of materials available at any given time, allowing us to manage both expectations and costs.


For over forty years Howco has worked in close partnership with our customers developing tried and tested systems to confidently manage the entire procurement process. We mitigate against the effects of price volatility by ensuring a broad range of products across a wide range of materials, grades and sizes, are stocked.

Our sophisticated consignment programs enable Just In Time provision of materials to manufacturing facilities, and we take responsibility for all kerf loss, drops, scrap, mis-cuts, labour and inventory.

Even at high volumes, with Howco there are minimum deviations in quality, and our customers know exact costs in advance.


Our systems and methods ensure the entire procurement process is managed to suit available capacity. So, inventory can be placed on your site, our warehouses, or a combination of both, which reduces stock holding and overhead costs.

Raw materials arrive at the machining centre pre-cut. There is no need for international invoicing and reports. Our traceability documentation can be raised at any time. Howco can even place our own staff at your facility to manage the process and simplify the administration.


Howco provides semi-finished components, supplied cut, rough machined, bored and honed, which not only improves throughput times and enables the rapid set-up and optimisation of our customer’s work centres – it even reduces machine wear.

This means that Howco’s customers can control critical, complex machining operations in house, more efficiently, and with minimal waiting time – thanks to Just In Time supplies.


Howco provides turnkey manufacturing of parts, either by machining or additive manufacturing processes within our own plants, conveniently located near to our major customers.

Howco sources forging from managed facilities, then heat-treats, finishes, machines and inspects before shipping.

We also provide full technical support for new product development – including advising on sustainability and value engineering – and many of our sites have their own heat-treating and testing facilities.

Our internal capabilities and external partnerships, mean we can support our customer’s entire new product development and production requirements. A major benefit of this is our customers have the flexibility to have parts located where it makes the most financial and practical sense.


Howco provides a comprehensive range of coating and finishing services to our customers who operate in the most challenging environments where protective and anti-corrosive properties are paramount.

With considerable fabrication capabilities we offer solutions that are both efficient and cost effective, across a wide range of components and materials. From simple jig and tool trolleys to complex wellhead structures and assemblies.

Weld overlay cladding applied to either prolong the life of new process or pipeline components or refurbish parts that have corroded or become worn. Materials and weight saving can be gained when a clad, high strength, quenched and tempered steel is used in corrosive environments.

Weld cladding is a cost-effective surface treatment when components are used in high-wear or extremely corrosive settings.

Howco has a wide range of qualified procedures in place for cladding low alloy/carbon steels with stainless steel, Inconel®, Monel®, Stellite and Hastelloy®. We can even offer specialised procedures for overlaying and fabrication of more exotic materials, such as 25% Cr duplex.


Howco has the expertise and capability to manufacture and assemble entire production lines. For example, we currently manufacture subsea assemblies for an EPCI market leader and scientific instrumentation units for a semi-conductor manufacturer, which includes sourcing the components, manufacture, assembly and testing the products to our customer’s exacting specifications. Howco’s clean room facility is fully equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment, and staffed by highly trained, experienced personnel able to source and assemble complex products.